So, Phil’s got links to the naming contest for the GRAIL mission (a pair of lunar exploration satellites) that is open to K-12 students, and a naming contest for the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico.

GRAIL is new (and I’m amused by Phil’s graphical suggestion, below) but the VLA’s been around a while. So, why are they renaming it? Well, they just finished a huge renovation project and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory folks decided it was time to rename the array.

You know the VLA, I think. collection of twenty-seven 25-meter radio dishes in the desert in New Mexico? Seen in Contact when Ellie hears The Signal?

So, click through to submit your suggestions to NASA and NARO about their satellites (if you’re in K-12) or their newly renovated radio telescope array (if you’re anyone).

Here’s Phil’s GRAIL satellite naming suggestion:

I’d vote for it.

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