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We just got our Netlibrary books ADE enabled, woot! It will to be a pain getting people to use it though - so much setup. Most of our campus is very e-stuff resistant. All that downloading and login creating when they wanted paper all along. *sigh*

NetLibrary into ADE? Are they allowing that? Are they hosting the Content Server? Is your library hosting it? ‘Cause NetLibrary do web-based PDF display, no? How are presses feeling about that? (Especially as quite a few of them are using our services to sell ADE-protected books. Including University of Alabama Press.)

Also, one nice thing about ADE is that once you have an Adobe ID, you can use it on any device/program that handles the ADE credentials. BlueFire Reader on the iOS devices, OverDrive or Aldiko on Android devices, Sony Reader natively, and nook natively.

Plus, y’know, Google Books uses the ADE format too.

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