Stuck between Jay-Z and Bachmann: Finding a Christian Ethic in a Fundamentalist, “No church” Wild


Another blog post for State of Formation:

Last weekend a friend gave me Watch the Throne, the recent album forged from a collaborative effort of Jay-Z and Kayne West. I then did what I usually do when I have new music: I went on a run to try it out. I try to think as little as possible while running and, depending on my mood, will listen to whatever music will help me accomplish this - jazz, hip-hop or classical … anything goes. Unlike most music by Jay-z, this album was hard to run to because the music was so thought provoking.

For example, from the song No church in the wild: “Human being to the mob / What’s a mob to a king?/ What’s a king to a god?/ What’s a god to a non-believer?/ Who don’t believe in anything?” All I could think was: well put. And later on in the song, “Lies on the lips of a priest / Thanksgiving disguised as a feast.” and “I’m wonderin’ if a thug’s prayers reach / Is Pious pious cause God loves pious?” It all seemed like the most poetic and succinct summary of some major issues concerning religion I have head in a while.

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This is seriously a read worth your time. Honna is lovely and eloquent thinker, not afraid to face the realities of living a faithful life in modern America. There is some good food for thought about how religious politicians became the way they are today.

And some thinking about how to move forward as a country…

…and as a believer.

Just as a warning for some of my followers: don’t use this as an excuse to grandstand about the “problems of religion in America”. Opt to put as much reflective thought, about the world and yourself, into any responses you’d like to make.

(Look, I know most of you are lovely people who wouldn’t do that, but it helps some people to be forewarned.)