Kameron Slade, a fifth-grader from Queens, NY, was scheduled to deliver a speech as part of a school-wide competition at PS 195. But when the principal learned Kameron’s speech was about same-sex marriage, he was ordered to choose a new topic or lose the opportunity to speak. (via)

Oh, what’s that about blacks being homophobic snobs? Where are you white people?


A former organizer for the antigay National Organization for Marriage has not only left and denounced the organization - he’s started a gay rights organization of his own.

Louis Marinelli recently launched the National Organization for Marriage Equality, or NOME, a clever play on the name of the group he was formerly associated with.

He says the group’s mission is “to educate the public on the issue of civil marriage equality. Specifically, the organization is dedicated to the following objectives: to protect marriage equality in states where it exists; to educate the public about the importance of marriage equality in states where it does not exist; to grow support for civil marriage equality among conservatives, Republicans and Independents; to separate misinformation about the LGBT community from the facts.”

Take that and that and that. More and more people are figuring out the truth and changing their ways. Learn more about NOME here

Oh my god. I hope this is completely sincere. (NOM is not known for entirely above-the-board tactics.) Truly and fully hope it is sincere.

Mind you, I should know that there is precedence for this. Falwell’s kid left the radical Christian right-wing movement he had helped to start.