This is a link to the Linux Journal article about Playterm, here’s the direct link:

Learn Linux/UNIX command-line by watching gurus at work. This is an amazing idea, especially as I just was part of this learning process recently, teaching a fellow tech about “:x” as a shortcut for “:wq” in vim just by doing it in front of him.


SCORE: teaching students how to work in a group


The SCORE strategy is an effective way to help students build the skills necessary to work in a group effectively and cooperatively.

Display this handy acrostic in the classroom and encourage students to “SCORE” as they participate in group work. 

Share ideas

Compliment others

Offer help and encouragement

Recommend changes nicely

Exercise self-control

It also helps to model exactly this kind of behavior when interacting with your students. Never underestimate social cognition.